Galaxy S3 Support and FAQ’s

galaxy s3 support

Samsung Galaxy S3 Support and FAQ’s

  • during an incoming call or sms my s3 announces the number or name of the person who is contacting me. How do i get rid of that

    • All cell phone displays the caller’s name, including the Galaxy S3. It was to facilitate you know your caller.

  • disqus_0CeGUViFi1

    Phone won’t unlock. Says double tap & swipe – wont

  • Khalid

    Now when receiving an incoming call, only the number is displayed, not the name of the person calling. Why? It wasn’t like this when I first bought the phone

  • disqus_gH5aSku9wV

    To write in engilish the language set up is engilsh(uk)orEnglish (us)but when i was write a msg it writes another word or letter what the problem or i couldnt get this changing mechanizim

  • Galaxy 3

    How do I uninstall or unregister from ChatOn?

  • Julia DuBois

    How do I take a picture of my home screen?

  • Virginia Dunham

    How do I remove photos that were accidently uploaded to my phone from my pc?

  • Trudi Horn-Holman

    How do I send Picture messages?

  • Robert Adametz

    Lost Trash Icon How do I get it back?

  • Peggy Lister

    Wondered why I cannot send a picture through messaging but can to facebook. I’m irritated.

  • Melissa

    How do I upload my photos to my pc using the usb?

  • James Meaney

    How do I extend the ringtone to ring longer than it does now ?

  • Brenda Lee Dial

    in my gallery all my pictures look like xray vision , not right how do i get them back normal

  • john ellis

    how do i get the phone to ring louder when in a pocket or handbag

  • Angel GarciaLucero

    Any one else not able to download torrents since the update last month? Why can’t I download torrents anymore, pissing me off.

  • Glenn Nichols

    My wifi turns off when the battery gets low and i can’t turn it back on without restarting my phone. How can i fix my phone? I have the Samsung Galaxy SIII with the latest update.

  • Susan Omondi

    I cannot make out going calls, I get call ended and call forwarding on conditional…how do I fix that?

  • Nicole New Walsh

    why is it that i can receive emails but are unable to sent emails with my samsung galaxy 3

  • mels

    I dropped my Samsung Galaxy s3 and it won’t turn on only when I put it to charge a battery icon loading shows up please help

  • Kabir

    My Samsung galaxy s3 is not showing video call icon.
    what can i do?

  • Debbie Morelli

    why won’t my texts in MMS send? Anyone??????

  • Kristy Ostenson

    All of a sudden my battery died. I plugged it in and now my battery is dead, I have no mobile network and am unable to connect to wifi HELP!!!


    how to activate my wifi

  • Craig Anderson

    how do i maintain wifi connection with a toy?

  • Genevieve Manitas

    A hand symbol appears on the top of the homepage and i couldn’t not open it with my password. What does this mean?