Galaxy S3 How to Guide

galaxy s3 how to guide
Samsung Galaxy S3 How to Guide and Troubleshooting

  • Elaine Caires

    I want to add a special notification tone, to use for text messages. Please help

  • Marietta

    When receiving a text message sent to multiple recipients why can’t I see all the conversations on my phone?

    I receive texts from the other recipients in individual and separate texts.

  • Paul Gauthier

    How do I move the apps/widgets icon from the bottom of my main screen to another location and oput another icon there?

  • Austin Moore

    How do I turn off the auto call button in the text message window

    • Tracey Cade

      Check settings and adjust check marks and unchecked marks

  • John

    How do I delete my old phone calls from my phone log?

  • Lyle Christiansen

    How do I save pictures that are texted to me?

  • lynn

    how do I transfer all my contacts numbers from the sim to the phone

    • Michelle

      Sync your numbers to your email account eg gmail so u will never lose them And wen u get a new fine enable your gmail account and all ur contacts will appear

  • Pauline

    How do you delete fotos from an additional device??

  • Lilas Meemaw

    Just got my s3, it doesn’t download mms, Picts. What do I do?

  • ray

    how do I transfer pics form old S# to replacement S3

  • Melissa

    How do I send songs that I have downloaded on my phone to someone else through text message

  • Gina Alexander

    I did a master reset on mine now it wont load up past the t mobile 4g lte screen. how can I fix this?

  • john

    how do I stop having the phone searching for a network connection

  • c lunsford

    My phone does not ring, when someone calls me it goes to voice mail, how do I fix this?

  • susan

    How do I open picture text messages

  • john

    how do you increase the ring time my phone only rings for about ten seconds

  • Heather Rice

    How can I remove my pin code

  • maria

    h0w do I print photos from my gallexy 3? I need to know pleae

  • Heather Rice

    How do I delete my pin code…..

  • Roger Mallon

    S3 keyboard is out of sync. I type X, I get L

  • sheila owen

    how do I block calls on the galaxy s3

  • Linda Bengtson

    What on this phone is using data I don’t go on the internet but I do open some emails my email is gmail.

  • Larry

    How do I update the APN Data settings on my Galaxy S III?