Android Jelly Bean With Multiuse Features

Android jelly bean 4.3 has been recently launched. It is officially announced that the update for android jelly bean 4.3 will be available to selective android mobile phones and tablets. This version of android jelly bean has not made major improvements over the previous version of android 4.2.2 but there are some new features added in android jelly bean 4.3. The most important improvement made in this version is enhancement of the multi user feature. This allows people to enjoy more administrative rights and helps people in parental locking. Aside from this the new version of android also supports several new languages including Hindi, Afrikaans, Amharic, Zulu and Swahili languages.

Samsung Galaxy III was the top selling smart phones of Korean handset manufacture that propelled it in Number 1 smart phone maker spot. Company now wants the flagship phone, Galaxy S4, to cement that particular place for it. Phone already has achieved 10 million of sells mark within one month, breaking a record of Samsung SIII that achieved feat in 50 days. Thus how extraordinary is S4, which makes it very o successful? Let us find out.

Android jelly bean 4.3

Design – Best looking Samsung mobile phone till date?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 almost has same design elements like that of the Galaxy SIII. Even button placement & design of the S4 resembles SIII. Power button is on right side, headset jack is at a top; volume rocker (it is a bit longer than SIII) is at a left whereas power connector is at a bottom.

Five inch of display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the standout features that differentiate this from SIII all along with the small black & silver diamond design at a back panel (in black colored model). Still, this works very brilliantly with cool magazine application Flip board that comes preloaded in Galaxy S4.