The best way to increase Galaxy S3 battery life

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with many exciting features that has never existed before, such as the personal assistant (S Voice), eye-tracking ability, Increased storage, and a wireless charging option and much more. Because it brings a lot of features that would require a long life battery power.

 increase Galaxy S3 battery life

For some people, they see themselves not understand how that batery galaxy s3 can not give power longer. Not having enough battery power should be considered frustrating, however you are able to optimize the S3’s battery life.

How to increase Galaxy S3 battery life

  • Disable your own mobile data whenever you have no need for it
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not really around a safe and secure network
  • Always keep Bluetooth shut off, unless of course you might have it: Setting > Bluetooth > Slide switch to turn off
  • Turn off GPS when you are not really using location services: Setting > Location Services > Use GPS
  • Reduce the display screen brightness to some comfortable levels: Setting > Display > Brightness
  • Minimize the actual display screen timeout to change them back earlier between uses: Settings > Display > Screen timeo

A few of these could be disabled by simply pulling down the notifications bar from your top of the display screen at your Samsung Galaxy S3 and also pressing the required symbol to toggle the actual service off and on. It’s also possible to check out which usually function might be one of the most battery by looking at Settings > Battery.