How to change the font on your Samsung Galaxy S3

Additionally, the actual standard fonts in the Samsung Galaxy S3 could get a little boring after some time, so why don’t you provide your Samsung Galaxy S3 a new fresh look and modify the font?

To begin this, very first visit Google Play where you can get several fonts and also font applications available for download. When you have downloaded and also installed your best font, go to Settings>Display and you need to find an option to change the actual font.

change font on galaxy s3

Choose the font you have really downloaded from the listing and also there you are, your own device would be changed.

Here’s a choose of our own favorite font applications available for download:

  • Fontomizer SP
  • iFont
  • CleanPack for FlipFont
  • Gothic Pack for FlipFont

Methods to arrange your own applications in folders

When you have downloaded a lot of applications, it could be a little troubles to always keep on turning by different home pages to keep acquiring the applications you like. Fortunately, arranging your applications directly into folders isn’t very difficult regarding the actual Samsung Galaxy S3.

To build folders on your own home screen, basically long press an application and after that drag that on the top of one other. This will likely build a folder together with those two applications and you will very easily rename your folder, along with add more applications.

The best way to change to vibrate function on the Samsung Galaxy S3

The actual Samsung Galaxy S3 works with numerous sound methods, for ringtones, text messages, email messages and then any some other notify. It is easy to change around silent mode, sound mode and vibrate mode.

Simply touch the volume down key assisting your device while you’re on the homescreen as well as a volume bar shows up. Keep on pressing unless you want to view the vibrate symbol appear as well as your device vibrates lightly.