Best Mobile Manufacturing Samsung Android Phones

Samsung is one of the main mobile manufacturing company which features android as its operating system. Being low price and high quality are the characteristic features of samsung android phones. There are several samsung android phones available in the market and the price range of these phones also varies a lot. You can find an android phone for each type of budget. Having many samsung android phones gives you variety to choose among and each mobile has its own features so make sure that you select that mobile which has those features which you are looking for. Along with this do not forget your android phone regularly.

 samsung android phones

Dual shot

In the dual mode S4 uses both front & back cameras, at the same time, for capturing 2 images that it combines in single image. It’s very fun using the feature and one can find this very useful when you are an official photographer of the get together, and party, and misses on being clicked himself. One may use different types of frames for inserting one image in the dual mode like heart, stamp, and so on. This is something great.

Animated photo

At Animated phone mode one may freeze most of the picture & animate the small part. For instance, you may click on the picture of any of your friend laughing & freeze the complete photo except his face. At this mode camera takes the video clip of the subject and you may choose what you can animate.


S4 has 13 megapixel of backside illuminated sensor & 2megapixel front camera. Picture quality of rear camera is amazing and finer details of the snaps emerge very clearly. Camera app is been accompanied by various modes to capture various moments. Some are mentioned here: