Samsung Galaxy News and Everything You Want to Know

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Samsung Galaxy News

Extra features

Samsung Galaxy S 4 comes loaded with the gesture controls & proximity features such as Air Gestures, Smart Pause and Smart Scroll.


There are many preinstalled applications on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and translator is also one of it. This just translates on what who speak and write in different languages. Samsung also has preloaded app for the fitness lovers, named S Health. The app has the pedometer that will keep the track of the calorie intake and will help to decide exercise regime. One more very interesting application pre-loaded on the S4 is Watch On, which allows you use the phone as the remote control for DVD, TV, player and set top box by using infra red. We  can use this with the Sony TV & DVD player or Tata Sky. We cannot use this with the Videocon DTH.


Eraser is the interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and where you may remove the unwanted moving elements at the shot just by combining 5 shots together. For instance, you can remove somebody that walked over the background of a shot.