Samsung Galaxy Pro – Amazing Features

            Samsung galaxy pro is among few samsung galaxy mobiles which have both QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. This mobile has a 2.8 inches wide TFT capacitive touch screen. Samsung galaxy pro also has a keyboard for typing and there are two navigation buttons on the keyboard as well which are used for going to home screen and going back to previous menu. Samsung galaxy pro has 270 MB of internal memory and can support micro SD cards having up to 32 GB of storage. The primary camera of this mobile is of 3.15 megapixels. It has 800 MHz processor. So if you want to have an enjoyable experience then go in for this mobile phone. Here are give some best features of this mobile phone.

samsung galaxy pro

  • You can make use of this mobile phone for various purposes like surfing the internet check your emails and listening to music this mobile phone will also help you in doing multitasking which is very important.
  • The mobile smart phone can also help you with video calls so that you can get in touch with you near and dear ones and also see them without any problems.
  • Samsung Galaxy has a lovely battery and can last for a very long time this is one of the best features of this smart mobile phone and that is why people fall into love with this.
  • There are lots of accessories on the market of this mobile phone and you will be really confused what to buy and what to leave since the choice is vast.
  • Galaxy has a USB charger which is very unique to this mobile phone and is something great. It is a great mobile phone for smart phone enthusiasts. This will help you to customize your mobile phone in every way.