Samsung Galaxy S 4g

            Samsung galaxy s 4g is also known as samsung vibrant 4g or samsung vibrant plus. This model of samsung galaxy series was released in January 2011. Samsung galaxy s 4g has 4 inch big display. The display technology used in this model is super AMOLED. Its display screen is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors. To protect the display glass from being scratched, Corning Gorilla Glass technology has been used. Samsung galaxy s 4g has primary camera of 5 megapixels which has auto focus and smile detection features. This model has total of 512 MB of RAM and comes with a 16 GB micro SD storage card.

Samsung Galaxy S 4g


Samsung Galaxy S4 generally runs on latest version of Touch Wiz Nature UX Android 4.2.2 OS. In new interface users may select which notification buttons that they want to be displayed, and arrange it according to the preference and need. In notification tray, on press of the button on upper right corner, you can see the list of 15icons that includes that of Blutetooth, WiFi, brightness controller & so on. In this way it is likely to bypass a need to go on settings menu over and again for activating or toggling the settings.

Necessary Features Included

For the people new to the smart phones, Samsung has also added Easy Mode that, when activated, will display just essential features in phone. The feature can help the beginners to better understand the phone in the slow way so they aren’t bogged down by features of the Galaxy S4.

Multi Window

Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t just best for the multimedia. It is as well good in multitasking, al thanks to the superb feature named Multi Window, which allows you have 2 applications running at a same time on S4’s costly display.