Samsung Galaxy S Loaded with New Features

In the early models of Samsung galaxy series including Samsung galaxy S there was a very big problem and that problem was of the timings of battery. Though there was no problem with manufacturing process of the battery but for some reason it was seen that Samsung galaxy s battery was not able to provide enough power to the mobile and people had to charge their Samsung galaxy S battery several times in a day. This problem of Samsung galaxy S battery was resolved when new android version was released which controlled the battery consumption of the mobile and increased the battery timings. Longer and all this is just a tip of the ice berg of this super smart mobile phone.

samsung galaxy S

Value for the money

For one and all and it is something great. This mobile phone offers value for money as it has so much to offer and it is one of the best smart phones in the market. Along with all the features it has you should surely consider buying it at any cost. Do not wait any long for this lovely phone go and buy it today.

Accessories to look at

If you love your mobile phone then also consider different accessories for it once you do that you mobile phone will look very different and will give you a good feel. There are plenty of places where you can find the accessories for Samsung Galaxy. One of the most important thing you should consider buying is the mobile phone case it will help you prevent damage to your mobile phone in any way and hence it is a must have along with some others of your preference.  These are some amazing accessories to loot at  when buying the phone