How to Choose Different Samsung Galaxy Skin

Samsung galaxy skin is a new concept mobile phone which is under production and waiting official launch date. As the name suggests, Samsung galaxy skin is extremely thin mobile phone. Along with this one of the member of developers team has told the media that Samsung galaxy skin would have AMOLED display which will be a type of OLED. OLED is a type of LED display which is extremely thin and is not affected by any kind of pressure or stress. Moreover this type of display is also flexible and bending or twisting it does not affect the display of the screen. This mobile phone has a special feature which is used to detect the movement of the eyes. Facial recognition is a very important feature of this mobile phone and is something great which lots of people are falling in love with this mobile phone.

Some amazing features in the phone

Samsung galaxy skin

In certain models you can have both the cameras getting used at one go for video recording. You also have an option of going in for capture self-video option which will let you make your own videos with a click. You can also do the same with the pictures. It will also give you an option to change the shape of your head oval or blurred for fun which is great. With this mobile phone Scrolling Made Easy feature you pause things which are great if you did something by mistake. You can move up and down just by looking at the screen which is something very unique and powerful. You may also switch between the pages in web browser just by waving the sideways, making surfing internet & jumping between the tabs very simple while you are on a move.