Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

The latest version of android jelly bean is released couple of hours earlier. The new android 4.3 has some new features and improvements over the old android 4.2.2. The main addition made in the latest android 4.3 is the language support. There are several languages added in new version of android. Apart from this the Bluetooth connectivity is also improved in new android version. In this version the Bluetooth is supported by mobile even at low battery. The camera interface is also changed a bit and animations are made smoother. This version has improved the feature of multi user in tablets.

Display is perfect

The 5inch of Amoled display in the Samsung Galaxy S4 yields detailed and rich in color and sharp images all thanks to 1080p HD of resolution. Everything from the web pages to the video looks very brilliant and definitely will impress everybody. Taking the leaf from Nokia, the Samsung mobile phone has given the S4 series the sensitive screen that can be used by wearing gloves and something that the people living in the cold climates may find very useful. Aside, from that display has the Gorilla Glass III cover. Since with Galaxy S3, display of new flagship smart phone of the Samsung gives best results indoors however it is also found wanting in the bright sunlight, at the full brightness. I need to actually struggle in reading the text message and finding contacts from phone book with Sun God shining. Also, one may change display brightness from notification bar and just press Auto button & Galaxy may do the rest on its own.  Apart from the visibility outdoors, there is nothing that we may criticize in display of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is just perfect for one and all!

Samsung Galaxy S4