How to enable USB Mass Storage on Galaxy S3

A lot of Galaxy S3  customers had been stressing concerning the reduction in a USB mass storage mode on the device and right now we’ve learned methods to have great results. USB Mass Storage  is really important when you need in order to transfer data files between your device and the computer.

Rather than USB Mass Storage, Samsung Galaxy S3 just features MTP (media transfer protocol), which isn’t as easy to use and fast, numerous have a preference for USB Mass Storage instead.

enable USB Mass Storage on Galaxy S3

It’s very simple to enable USB mass storage and it’s also a safe procedure, but you must root your device. Before you start the method, be sure to backup the data on your device, due to the fact there’s an unlikely potential for losing it.

Guide to enable USB Mass Storage on Galaxy S3

Firstly you will need to download the USB Mass Storage (UMS) APK file from here to your computer and connect your phone to computer with the help of USB cable to copy this APK file in your device.

After that, copy the apk to your device and disconnect it from your computer. Then install the app on your device and follow the instructions given by the app.

After the application is installed, you are able to open it and choose the choice you want regarding file transfer, that is very easy.