New Version of Samsung Android Phones

Recently the latest version of android is released. This version of android is released for android tablets and big android mobiles. The latest android jelly bean version 4.3 is released recently and people cannot find the updates for their tablets and mobiles yet. In such case no galaxy s III seen running android 4.3. However there is a possibility that people might find official updates online after some time but till now there is no galaxy s III seen running android 4.3. People who are claiming they have updated their galaxy s3 to 4.3 and are running it are just lying and no galaxy s III seen running android 4.3 till now.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 is at present hottest smart phone in the market, with over 10 million units till now sold in first month release. We will take a close look at best features that as well make the Samsung’s new flagship the smartest phones around.

Samsung Android Phones

Air Gesture & Air View      

The Air Gesture is the touch free features of Samsung Galaxy S4, which allows you to control handset even while you cannot touch its display. Making use of sophisticated floating touch phone technology, the Air Gesture allows you to scroll anything from the web pages and emails by waving hand up & down over screen. It is perfect for when you might have the wet hands and are wearing the gloves. We’re not very sure if it is the common issue or particular issue with review unit that we have got. We as well faced the similar issue with the WiFi connectivity.

The voice conversation on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is top notch quality however an only issue that we faced was the regular call drops around 2 to 3 minutes of each conversation.