Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual User Guide for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300

Samsung Galaxy S3 using Android operating system. Its TouchWiz “Nature UX” graphical user interface (GUI) which is influenced by the “organic” customer trend is more interactive than Samsung’s previous GUIs, with the notable addition of the “Water Lux” effect, which produces ripples upon contact. To complement the TouchWiz interface, and as a response to Apple’s Siri, the phone introduces S Voice, Samsung’s intelligent personal assistant. S Voice can recognize eight languages including English, Korean and French. Based on Vlingo, S Voice enables the user to verbally control 20 functions such as playing a song, setting the alarm, or activating driving mode; it relies on Wolfram Alpha for online searches.

samsung galaxy s3 user manual Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual User Guide for Galaxy S3 GT i9300

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android version 4.0.4, officially named “Ice Cream Sandwich”. Ice Cream Sandwich has a refined user interface, expanded camera capabilities, security features and connectivity. In mid-June 2012, Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” unveiled, which employs a voice-assistant similar to S Voice, and incorporates other software changes. Samsung accommodated Jelly Bean in the S3 by making last-minute hardware changes to the phone in some markets. Jelly Bean updates began rolling out to S3′s in selected European countries, and to the T-Mobile in the United States in November. On October 17, Samsung announced, that US Samsung Galaxy S3 will be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Galaxy S3 is also compatible with CyanogenMod 10, a custom firmware that implements the characteristics of Jelly Bean. The current version of the Samsung S3 has a compatibility issue with Microsoft Office365 ActiveSync. Here is Samsung Galaxy S3 manual user guide.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual

  • mandy

    what is with the blinking eyeball i see in my top bar?! what does that mean?!

    • Jill

      It means the device has recognized that you’re still looking at your screen and so the screen won’t shut off or go dark. You can also disable it somewhere in the settings.

    • singh

      IT means smart stay screen stays on as long as you are looking at it like reading stuff go to settings then display go down to smart stay untick if you wont it or not hope it helps.

  • katie

    what does it mean when i have a i in a circle with a line through it in my top bar

  • stranger who needs help

    I forgot my voicemail access code how do I change it or get it back

  • randy

    Where can I find my call duration timer for my phone calls ? Galaxy S3 SPH-L710

  • Sara Crenshaw Patterson

    Does the battery just tell how long the phone has been on with the battery or what? Sorry just got my phone a few days ago and looked at the battery today and it says 38 minutes and 47seconds after I took it off the charge and the battery is at 98%

  • Hadi Izaac

    i can’tsend a call on my s3 mobile or receive a call why i do not know need help plz

  • Julia

    How do I turn off the shutter sound when taking a picture?

  • Doug Howard

    Where can I download the SG S3 users manual?

    • Guest

      at the bottom before the comment column, it says the download, just hit it and you will go to Scribd. Just need a login (can use Facebook login), and you can download a PDF of 13MB.

  • Sue

    How do you download music from computer on to your SG3S – anyone help please

  • Abby

    opening and view what is in galary….no problem. But, how do you organize the pictures into groups or folders so they can be found easier?

  • disqus_BCiWlOMKpp

    how do i get to my pictures sent to me

  • petex

    How do I switch the slow motion mode on the video cam ? I shot a video recently that was beatifully slow motion all theway – how do i do it again !?!

  • dee

    Did not find to be very user friendly, a search feature would be great.

  • Coral Furrow

    How do you stop this thing from backing up on the cloud?